Credit, Market and Operational Risk Management for Financial Institution 

  • The purpose of this program is to help instill a firm-wide culture of risk awareness through delivery of a simple structured training using common risk terminology and concepts. Fundamentals of Financial Risk program is an appropriate training for junior to middle level staff but can also be utlised as a resource for more experienced employees that are new to financial services or risk management.

  • The purpose of this course is to introduce participants to the nature and types of Credit Risks faced by financial institutions. How these risks are identified and defined. Participants will develop an understanding of methods used to identify, quantify and measures Credit Risk. The course further aims to explore structure of sound Risk Management in general and Credit Risk Management in particular.

  • The course provides an understanding of the building blocks of Market Risk. The topics covered include Time Value of Money, Probability Distribution, Volatility, Correlation and Regression. Participants develop knowledge on pricing fixed income securities and yield analysis. Market Risk Management concepts such as Gap Analysis, Duration Analysis and Simulation Analysis are discussed with practical examples and calculations.

  • The course introduces participants to components of operational risk and how changes in markets, products, processes and technologies have significantly increased these risks. Participants will understand  how  operational risks are measured, monitored and controlled as financial firms are required by regulators to assess and disclose such risks  

  • The purpose of the program is to present a brief on BIS Basel committee on Banking Supervision’s Capital Adequacy framework (Basel II). The program provides a overview of the main features of Basel II framework. It is designed for participants who are not directly involved in risk management function but require a broad understanding of the main features of the framework in order to facilitate its implementation in the bank.